Dragonfly walking

I once read from somewhere that dragonflies cannot walk. This has bothered me for quite a while. So I've tried to observe dragonflies every time I can. Dragonflies usually don't walk, it seems. They land right on the correct place so that they don't need to.

But they can walk. At least this individual. Backwards. Slowly. But that's still walking, I think. Here is short video at normal speed:

Little longer video with 10x speed:

Actually it seems to be a very common misconception that dragonflies cannot walk. For example the English Wikipedia article says (28th Oct. 2010):

"Even though dragonflies possess 6 legs (like any other insect), they are not capable of walking."

Google finds this "fact" even from National Geographics web site:

"Dragonflies have six legs. The insect cannot walk on its legs, however."

Shooting location: Conservation area of Urpola river, Mikkeli, Finland.

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